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Purgatorie River WatershedAbout the Purgatoire Watershed Partnership

The Purgatoire Watershed Partnership (PWP) is a stakeholder watershed group that functions out of Trinidad, Colorado.  The group was started by local citizens who were compelled to address and rectify ongoing concerns going on in the Purgatoire River watershed. The group is comprised of stakeholders with diverse interests who have come together to form a cooperative partnership to work towards the assessment, conservation, and enhancement of their watershed’s health.  As the group continues to grow it is important that no local stakeholders are excluded, and that as many of the voices in the watershed are heard as possible.

In September 2012, the PWP received a Bureau of Reclamation Cooperative Watershed Management Grant.  This grant was highly competitive and offered to 17 states located in the western U.S.  The funding awarded has allowed them to hire a watershed coordinator, and prospectively, a watershed consultant to carry out the group’s objectives and goals.  The coordinator is also working to determine watershed management project concepts, and ultimately work to develop and implement a watershed restoration plan.  The coordinator is also working to increase stakeholder involvement in the group, so that the many voices of the watershed can be heard and the watershed can benefit.